Purpose & Mission

Hey everyone! My name is Dakota Kay (D.K.) Thompson and I’m here to help you navigate through any and all aspects relating to the process of “spiritual awakening,” also commonly referred to as the “ascension” or “upliftment” process.  When I began my own awakening process back in 2016, I  had no idea where or who to turn to for help and support with what I was experiencing.  I felt very “alone” at the time, like no one could relate, and the last thing I wanted was for my friends and family to think I’d lost my mind when I was already feeling like that might actually be true.  I realized in time that (fortunately) I wasn’t out of my mind as I once feared, and I began to open up and become more accepting of my own experiences within the awakening process.

I’ve often thought back to when I was “in the thick of” awakening and how that felt, and how I wished there was somewhere or someone I could turn to for guidance, direction, or advice on how to navigate through the process more gracefully.  Hence, the creation of this website — which I’ve designed with the purpose of helping those who are currently traveling in my old set of shoes and not knowing where to turn.  My intention in creating this space, is for it to be a source of comfort, guidance, and assurance for others embarking on the journey toward ascension.

My goal is to provide as much helpful information as possible to those who seek it, and to provide one-on-one personalized help.  I offer free information for those seeking to learn more. I offer personalized assistance for those who wish to receive more tailored help in navigating their journey through the ascension process.  Personalized help often allows people to expedite through blockages and more difficult aspects of their own journey with a greater sense of inner “knowing,” which is often accompanied by increased feelings of ease, clarity, and confidence.

If you’ve been on the ascension journey for awhile, I can understand why the idea of seeking “personalized help” with the ascension process may seem “sketchy” at first; so much of the awakening process itself is focused on seeking answers only from “within” rather than from any source outside of yourself.  I, too, hold the principle of “seeking only from within” to a sacred regard throughout this process, which is why I’m not claiming to be able to personally offer direct “answers” to anyone.  Rather, my own awakening process revealed to me that one of my most profound and well-developed gifts is my ability to detect and reflect the deep-rooted blockages within others.

The process of “awakening” involves a significant expansion of one’s consciousness, which is a gradual process.  Along the way, we may encounter times when it feels like our progress is “blocked” or “stuck” within the present moment, often causing us to then grow frustrated within and slip out of alignment energetically.  When we are met with this type of situation, we typically remain “halted” until our consciousness expands to such a level to be able to identify what the interference is, where it came from, or why it’s there in order to transcend it.  Expanding our consciousness to this level of deeper comprehension is often equally as frustrating, because many times we end up manifesting what feels like “more trouble” within our present lives.

Manifesting these potentially “unappealing” or “unfavorable” situations within our present reality is usually what allows us discover, identify, and/or connect with the root (past) origin of the blockage in order to heal it.  However, while these manifested situations are ultimately beneficial to our own growth in the long run, they can be terribly inconvenient or difficult to cope with while presently experiencing them.  It feels a lot like, “I was doing SO WELL and then this thing had to happen and now I feel totally lost all over again! Welcome back the dark night of the soul!”  (I have been there myself — plenty of times before so I know how real the struggle is).  Truthfully, the dark night of the soul (spiritual ‘slang’ for your deepest, darkest point of depression) is a crucial part of the healing process, but if you’ve found yourself there once before, you know it’s not exactly a “fun” place to be — especially if you were totally blindsided by it and launched there through some unanticipated life situation or event taking place.

The reason it ultimately happens like that is so that we wake up even more and become aware of what we still need to heal from.  However, while this dark point may serve a greater purpose overall, wouldn’t it be nice if you could become aware of your wounds and blockages in a way that didn’t suck so much? (Pardon my French).  If we were able to somehow develop an awareness of what we needed to heal before learning about it the hard way, wouldn’t that be awesome? It’s the difference between noticing you have a paper cut on your finger because you saw it there, or discovering it by painful surprise when cutting open a lemon.  If you know you have a paper cut and you go to cut a lemon, the paper cut itself might still be tender and need to heal, but you can wear gloves and a band-aid or avoid using that finger to bypass the “fun” experience of getting lemon juice in an already open wound.

What my gift ultimately does is allow you to see and notice your “paper cuts” sooner rather than later; finding out from me won’t make the cut itself go away, but it’s arguably “better” squeezing one of life’s unanticipated “lemons” and finding out that way.  The help I offer serves to dull the chaotic “edge” of unpredictability and the frustration of feeling “stuck” and/or “lost,” which often accompanies experiencing “dark night of the soul”-type energy.  This can help you stabilize yourself within positive energies without feeling amazing one day and terrible the next.  Not only that, but I also make you aware of how I was able to identify the blockage so you can personally learn and grow from our interaction. It is my hope that you may use this newfound understanding, and carry it with you as a tool to help you identify any further blockages (ahead of time) that you may discover in the future.

My other natural gift is my ability to facilitate an expedited transmutation of darker, lower-level energies that need to be healed. These heavier energies can often disguise themselves, taking on a variety of “forms” within a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual realms of existence. To clarify this process directly, I am not claiming to be a “healer,” in the way some do where I miraculously “remove your pain.”  Rather, I conduct this expedited transmutation process through pinpointing any/all realm(s) of human existence that are harboring these energies and causing you to experience them.  Once I do this, I then explain and educate you on the “wellness state” of each of your realms, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Upon understanding the general “status” of your realms, I continue by asking more focused questions and may invite you to offer more specific feedback.  This step of personal disclosure gives you an even deeper understanding of how each of your realms reached their current status, and it allows me to decipher and communicate the most efficient path toward healing and which exact steps will yield the greatest benefit (for you personally) over the shortest degree of time.  I explain what specific steps you can expect to take, and what will be required of you (overall) in order to fully transcend, transmute, and heal yourself completely within each of your realms.

If some specifics do not feel “required,” that is perfectly fine — honor your own instincts, always.  However, if you’re unsure how to begin the healing process, what steps to take, or what you can do to expedite things, this service often helps outline a “game plan” so you can actively begin making and tracking your own progress and see your own achievements along the way in order to honor all of your devotion and dedication towards experiencing life the way you want to be living, rather than from the painful ways you have adapted to experiencing it due to the past.

My mission, ultimately, is to use this platform as a space to “give back” all that I’ve learned throughout my own experience thus far; it is my hope that I can successfully help all those who find themselves in places I’ve been before.  I want to be that “person” for others that I would have loved to have in my own life at the time my own awakening began to transpire.  My soul’s mission is to help as many people, in as many ways, and as often as I can through using all of the knowledge and abilities I have been gifted with.



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