About Me

Why were you put on this earth? What is the purpose you’re alive and here to fulfill? We aren’t simply born into this life to grow up, go to work, and die. If you think so, I hope you’re happy (but I bet you aren’t), and if you are it’s probably because you have a comfortable amount of money, so this way of thinking about the world works for you right now and you’re inclined to support this type of logic about life. If that’s you, then there’s a likely chance that what you see on this website likely isn’t for you (and that’s okay); if you ever lose your comfortable status of living and this “live, work, die” mindset no longer works for you, you can always come back.

I’m speaking to the vast majority of people – to everyone else outside of this group who hates the way they’re forced to operate in life, day in and day out – living, working, dying – and wondering “for what?” while still adhering to this type of lifestyle because if you didn’t, what other options do you have, and what else would you really do otherwise?” So, as reluctant as you feel about wanting to live this way, you still find yourself caught up in this exhausting mechanical cycle of living because you really don’t know what else to do, or what other way to be or “live” this life other than in accordance to this current one, despite how unfulfilling & empty it feels to carry on doing so.

I’m talking to the people who hate the way “life” is, and who want an upgrade but don’t have the slightest clue of what that even looks like or how it would function or realistically “work well” practicality wise. If you want to transcend the current lifestyle of “normal living,” then I welcome you, and you’re in the right place. I hope you find this site helpful; my goal is to help as many people as I can transcend their normal (shitty) realities – in whatever way that means to you personally, and to the best of my own ability. Hopefully you find this space helpful; I can’t guarantee you will for sure, but I’m sure as hell going to do all I can to try to see to it that it is for as many people as possible who find their way here.

So again I ask you, “Why are you here? What are you alive to fulfill in this life?” Do you know? If you don’t, then “Congratulations,” – that is completely “normal.” Most people haven’t the slightest clue of their answers to these questions and they usually feel intimidating at best to truly consider or put much thought or consideration into. Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the answers to these questions myself, so I want you to know “it’s okay to know that you don’t know;” in fact, I wouldn’t expect you to know the answer to this and still be reading along right now.

I’ll begin here now by answering these questions personally as a means and way of introducing myself to you, and allowing you to know the person behind the paragraphs and content you’re investing time, energy, and attention into reading. I believe you deserve to have an idea of who I am as well, because that feels “fair” to me – if you don’t care, that’s fine, you can skip ahead at your leisure and explore this space as you wish to. However, if you have any criticisms, I strongly suggest you do read this next section about who I am before complaining or spreading any negativity; you may notice things make more sense as to why you’re mad if you skim this little section “about me.”

My name is Emily, and I was put on this earth to help other people transcend into a “new normal” reality and way of living. Personally learning how to live above “lower” quality reality of what “normal” life is known to be, is an incredibly liberating experience to allow yourself to have, and I want whoever wants this experience to be able to have that for themselves and live that type of life on the day-to-day and make it their own. My purpose for being alive is to be different and unconventional – I wasn’t created for the intention of “being normal” and abiding by any “status quo” of how life “should be.” Being born in the 4th of July, I believe in “liberty and justice for all” human beings, and it is my prerogative to help people achieve these virtues for themselves…helping them find personal freedom because they deserve to have it, because that is what’s just and an inherently “right” all people should be able to have and achieve if they choose to (and it is a choice to).

In a “live, work, die” type world, my views often earn me the label of the outcast, the unconventional one, and the black sheep. What I’m born to do comes with a laundry list of positive and negative side effects and potentials to it. For some, I can potentially be a source of positive inspiration and a catalyst towards creating real and lasting change in their lives. For others (mainly those who believe in this current “live, work, die” way of being), they tend to project negative character qualities onto me personally, and use those perceived qualities to form personally biased judgments, criticisms, and accusations based on their own hypersensitivities towards me being “different” from them. I don’t know why people care so much about what I’m doing and how I’m living if they’re “so happy” and confident about their own way of living and doing things, but we won’t “go there” right now (despite how tempting it is to be petty 😂). BUT ANYWAYS, these “negative character qualities” usually include things such as: I have no respect for rules; I’m delusional because I can’t accept reality and how the “real world” operates or I’m “detached from reality”; I’m uncooperative, argumentative, stubborn, resistant, and “always need to be right”; I have no respect for authority; I’m self-entitled or self-righteous; I refuse to follow rules, which means I’m unsafe or a “risk” or liability; I think I know everything; I insist on having the last say and everything always must be “my way,” etc.

Bosses and managers usually don’t take well to me, because I ask a lot of questions if I have them and I refuse to simply “do as I’m told” and “obey” so they mistake me as a trouble maker or (my favorite) “defiant and attitudinal” – which I sure can be if they are behaving tyrannically within their positions of authority; I don’t stand for bullies, and I don’t care if you’re “my boss,” I refuse to be receptive to anyone who treats me like I’m “beneath” them in a harshly authoritarian or dictatorial type of way. Truth is though, I only seem unreasonable to unreasonable people, and I have personal standards for how I allow others to treat me when interacting with them; I’m not going to “respect” anyone that treats me like shit because they somehow hold “rank” over me (not even “my elders” because they’re old; they’re old so if anything they “should know better” if they’re self-proclaimed to be so much “wiser,” right?). Sorry, not sorry; I don’t believe in “rank” among people to begin with so I don’t know how to respond to you in a way that reflects your “status” as being at all relevant in terms of how you treat other people. Truth is, your “rank” doesn’t matter to me, and I’m sorry if my feelings on that are an aggravating matter to you at all, or if you feel that me “questioning your authority” was too much of a “challenge” for you because you had to be a leader and step up and take the time to explain something and actually act like “the boss.” I’m tired of people in positions of power becoming irate with me or scapegoating me for simply asking them to do their jobs; either stand up or step down, I am not “the problem” here, simply because you’re either too lazy and self-entitled, or truly not qualified or experienced enough to handle the duties required of your role when I ask you to do so. It’s not about “you getting paid and not doing your job for what you’re earning” either, it’s about you holding a position of leadership and rank, and me expecting you to conduct yourself with integrity, grace, and solid display of tact in all situations, and to be encouraging and receptive to questions and accepting of other people’s perspectives other than your own. If you’re “in charge” and someone beneath you in rank/status asks you a question when you give a command or offers their input or perspective in response to you…what you do with that situation and how you interact with that person in that moment can easily tell me and everyone else the quality of your leadership skills – because no, you don’t have to address the situation/person, and you could easily choose to scold the person or shut them down if you wanted to. But the test is, as a “leader” in charge, “will you?” and that is what reflects your character and the quality of your personal integrity and value for other people as a so-called “leader.”