Conscious vs. Subconscious

I just wanted to share a little bit about the different facets of conscious and subconscious mentality, awareness, conditioning, and manipulation. This should help you better understand the constructs and workings of each.

I should also mention that any examples used are literally for the sake of “example only,” meaning that I do not claim to “agree” or “condone” any of the views/attitudes/beliefs expressed within them when speaking in a “general” sense. I also know these general examples are not the true beliefs/attitudes held by all members of any particular group, religion, race, etc. I just wanted to make it clear that I love all people, so I am not trying to marginalize or otherwise “target” any individual and/or group through the examples I use when explaining things because that’s not who I am.

Anyways, getting down to the content of conscious vs. subconscious and what each includes…

Conscious Elements: things you are actively aware of
Subconscious Elements:
things below the surface of your awareness (within you) that you may or may not be aware of

Conscious Awareness (inner): what you’re fully comprehending and “in touch” with; what you directly and knowingly connect with
Subconscious Awareness (inner): what you connect with unknowingly, what you may not be aware of or fully comprehend your connection with/to

Conscious Awareness (outer): facts of what “is” (happening/taking place)
Subconscious Awareness (outer): lies within the details of the facts/events that are occurring or taking place; any “extra” that is attached to “what is” taking place

Conscious Absorption: tends to focus on movement of what is currently happening; centers on the verbiage of movement within the “here” and the “now” and “what is going on/taking place” in life; in essence, “life events/situations”
Subconscious Absorption: aspects seem to take in the details of this conscious movement of “what is” as it is taking place; absorbing all of the detailing “noun” or “adjective” info within the “verb” movement that is happening; in essence, “details of those life events/situations”

  • Conscious awareness of these nouns within these verbs happening is what links the two together at a subconscious level and state.
    • Example: Seeing repeated crimes committed on the news by African-Americans causes people to link the verb/action of “crime” with the noun/detail of “African-American” at both a conscious and subconscious level
  • Therefore, any event/happening which induces emotion (especially intense degrees of emotion) will also cause that emotion to be assigned to the other details (noun) factors of what was involved/connected with a specific event that took place.
    • Example: The 9/11 terrorist attacks were emotionally and economically devastating for U.S. citizens. Therefore, when U.S. citizens were told these attacks were carried out by a Muslim individual (someone of Islamic faith), many reacted adversely to the Muslim-American population, and to others who resembled them in appearance. This event led to a general attitude of disapproval and even hatred (among U.S. citizens) towards the Islamic faith as a whole. Many hate crimes took place towards innocent Muslim-Americans due to the intense fear instilled into U.S. citizens through the emotional devastation of terrorism. This fear was often expressed through violence against Muslims and/or members of the Islamic faith because people the emotional trauma of terrorism in the U.S. was directly linked to a Muslim/Islamic radical. Therefore, the outward prejudice/hatred of Muslim-Americans was often projected (outwardly towards them) to the same degree of mirrored emotional trauma being endured by U.S. citizens as a whole.


How Manipulation of Conscious & Subconscious Mind Occurs:

  • Conscious Mind Manipulation of what you see and/or focus on content-wise regarding situations and events in order to manipulate attitude/perception of a population
      • Example: “White police officer shoots Black suspect at traffic stop” — invoking rage of injustice within the African-American community by failing to mention/report that the suspect somehow threatened the safety of the officer, thus causing the officer to exercise force
    • Manipulation of what facts took place or the story of what “actually” happened, possibly by altering the truth or by censoring/omitting certain information
    • Any alteration regarding the full-picture scope of all of “what is” within a situation taking place (leaving out, changing, overemphasizing of, minimizing, misleading, etc. in order to sway the perspective of a situation)
  • Subconscious MindManipulation of underlying information or details surrounding the facts of “what is” happening (or “what is” in general)
    • Attaches extra detailed information to facts to sway attitudes, perspectives, beliefs, etc.
      • Example: “White police officer shoots Black suspect at traffic stop” — draws added emphasis to the race of both parties involved in the interaction rather than focusing more on the interaction itself
    • Occurs via over/under emphasis of details, focus on certain details surrounding stories and facts
    • Causes linkage between details and positive/negative facts, events, or outcomes, thus, leaving a positive or negative impression upon these detailing factors as well
      • Example: “Illegal Mexican immigrant murders college student” & “Black man rapes then murders White neighbor” — constantly attaching negative headlines to darker-skinned individuals subconsciously manipulates the collective mindset/attitude into believing that “illegal immigrants are dangerous” and “Black men are violent criminals” and that “darker skinned individuals are reckless and endangering to others”


The Media Perpetuates the Symptoms of PTSD at a Collective Level:

  • With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), individuals experience anxiety as a result of intrusive memories, dreams, reminders, flashbacks, and is often triggered by certain sounds, colors, scents, etc. associated with the original trauma because those details were absorbed and present during the original traumatic event taking place.
  • This occurs on a collective scale through the media’s reporting of what traumatic events took place and making people consciously aware of the facts and deep emotional impacts (others are faced with) regarding the situations/events that have taken place. Typically this appears as emotional interviews of witnesses, victim families, etc. regarding the violence or catastrophe that took place. Our natural human empathy “feels for” the victims and their families and invokes this emotional empathy through these interviews we are often shown.
  • Through linking certain personal attributes (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) with different criminal events/situations (rape, murder, theft, etc.) on a continual basis, people begin displaying subconsciously-triggered reactions to familiarity of these situations/facts/events.
  • For example, if a White teenager is murdered and it is reported that her ex-boyfriend is Black but there are no suspects, many people are quick to assume and believe “the ex-boyfriend is guilty”
    • This happens because that is what people have been conditioned to accept as truth at a subconscious level; they are subconsciously led to believe that people of color being violent, aggressive, and murderous.
    • People have also been conditioned to believe that White people die most often at the hands of darker-skinned suspects, rather than at the hands of other White individuals due to being conditioned that “Black = violent criminal” time and time again.
    • This leads to the tendency of White people to subconsciously act suspicious or overly-cautious around Black people, and become sensitively overly accusative or “suspicious” in their presence in many regards, just as Black people have been conditioned to be overly suspicious of White police officers due to seeing numerous stories of police brutality of Black folks perpetrated by White police officers. The programming works both ways to shape the attitudes and perspectives among both collective groups towards each other.


I believe it is crucial to understand how both our conscious and subconscious minds are manipulated and attuned to certain perspectives in order to fully grasp the depth of how we have been mentally conditioned and programmed at a mass-collective scale to adopt attitudes of hate, intolerance, and discrimination. Check out my other post, “Collective Mass Programming Exposed, Dissected, and Explained” to gain better transparency and further insight into how our minds are repeatedly subjected to media-based conditioning and the results experienced by various different groups because of this.

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